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The Antlers Bar/Restaurant on Portage Avenue in Sault Ste. Marie like the city has been around for a very long time. The original name of this restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie was The Bucket of Blood Saloon?. Its front was an ice cream parlor during the prohibition days, but the government caught up with them when it was showing a huge profit of $900. 

The history goes back more than four generations with six families being involved. Owners Tony Rogers, Jack Brulle and Al Lelievere, supply most of the legends. The Kinneys (two cops from Detroit) were known for their bartering and accumulated most of the Taxidermy specimens and antler accumulation that covers the walls and are suspended from the ceiling. The Szabo and Cunnningham families purchased the Antlers in 2009, and a year later the Szabos bought out the Cunninghams. It now is strictly a family owned business. 

The legends continue with The Antlers being featured on the A&E Biography channel back in November 2012 on My Ghost Stories. The film crew spent several nights at the Antlers, with some of the employees, in hopes of catching and filming the ghosts that seem to move things around and go bump in the late evenings. 

Tourists continue to be intrigued about the legends and of course seeing all of the Taxidermy specimens are incredible. Most of all they enjoy a great meal with family or friends with food in the Up North tradition.

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A Brief History of The Antlers | A Restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie

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